Compact Gear Units and Geared Motors are result of advanced gearing design criteria and optimum use of materials. Gears, shafts and bearings are generously designed to take care of eventual loads and expected life. Smooth power transmission is achieved by use of helical type gearing that takes care of load undulations. Use of quality materials, appropriate heat treatments, accurate manufacturing and precise assembly techniques ensure silent working and long life of Gear Units. The gear units are tested for heating, noise, vibrations and oil leakages, before dispatch. Motors of repute make and excellent quality are fitted to Compact Geared Motors.


Compact Gear Units and Geared Motors are primarily offered in two variants as a standard product – Horizontal Foot Mounted and Vertical Flange Mounted. The mountings are versatile and the units can be installed in different mounting positions. SHGU & SVGU Gear Units have independent input flange for flange type motor to be just slipped on to the Gear Unit. This design makes it possible to use available brand of standard motor, especially during maintenance.



Compact gear Units and Geared Motors are designed with splash lubrication using oil, for moderate to high-speed applications. Slow speed applications need grease lubrication. Geared Motors are supplied without oil. The user is advised to fill the Gear Unit with any of the recommended oils, to appropriate level, before running the unit. It is recommended to drain the first fill oil after about 500 hours of running and fill the Gear Unit with fresh oil.


While designing Compact Geared Units and Geared Motors certain Factor of Safety is built into specifications of the components. However real life applications vary from case to case and this situation is tackled through application of Service Factor. To arrive at Selection Power multiply actual or anticipated power of the application by appropriate Service Factor. Use this Selection Power to select a Gear Unit or Geared Motor from Power Rating Table of Compact Geared Motors.


Rating0.125HP-10 HP
Frame Size63-132M
Polarity2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Pole
ConstructionB3, B5, B35 (All Frames), B14, B34 (upto 132 Frame)
Voltage / Frequency415 V,50Hz

Working Principle:

Using a standard electric motor Compact Automatic Rolling Shutter Gear System incorporates a hand-operated option to operate a rolling shutter in case of electric power failure.  Top / Open and Bottom / Close position of a shutter are sensed through a set of Micro Switches mounted in the unit.  Setting of Open / Close position is made easy by making use of adjustable nuts and sleeves.

Salient Features:

We are an organization with design and manufacturing expertise to tackle difficult mechanical power transmission applications.  Compact Automatic Rolling Shutter Gear System incorporates a robust gear train mounted on generously sized bearings and supported by high strength shafts.  A standard face mounted (B-14) electric motor can just be slipped on to input side of gear drive, without any special consideration.

An ingeniously designed Micro Switch System is compact and self protected device that makes the job of setting Opening and Closing positions of a shutter very easy.  Provision is made for control circuit cable entry to Micro Switch chamber.

A set of Bevel Gearing facilitates rolling shutter operation, in case of non-availability of power.  Cranking by hand, by a removable lever, can easily Open or Close the shutter when the system is not operating by electric motor.  This also facilitates setting of Micro Switches for Open and Close positions of the rolling shutter at the time of installation or maintenance.

The Compact Automatic Rolling Shutter Gear System is elegantly designed and its size and looks merge seamlessly with the decor of the place.  It is designed as a closed system suitable for outdoor applications and is equivalent to IP-55 grade of electric motor protection standard. The gearing system is grease lubricated and doesn’t require frequent maintenance schedules.